Black Rome

A darker shade slips beneath the shadows. It moves in search of a magician. Not a prestidigitator who fools with sleight of hand, but the magician who is the mystery. There is a profound magic behind the shadow. The movement of an animal, the missing link, spent in the dreams of an instigated sleep, cast down, induced with accurate despair. Below lie fallen bodies; above lies darkness.

These are real, raw materials for those who know how to shape the image of their feelings and thereby portray their inner quest. The mystery of the very self is transmitted through these images: the magic of what we seek in ourselves through the “outside” deceptively called reality.

The combing knife reveals the scar that is not pain, only the tension of what is coming. What lies beneath the shadows is not the desire to show, but the wish to let dreams flow and free the imagination. Could that silhouette in the sea be enfolding itself in foam...?

Miguel Rio Branco

Brazil +55.11.98089.6521
[email protected]